Restaurant Insurance

It’s the middle of the summer and the most active time for your restaurant business. Everyday is crucial in order to pay property costs, food costs, employee wages, and all other overhead expenses. In the middle of the dinner rush, a storm sweeps in and a lightning bolt causes damage to a transformer box leaving your restaurant with no power. Customers leave unpaid, business is lost due to the outage, and you have a walk-in full of spoiled food.

Purchasing insurance for your restaurant could save you a lot of money in the event of an unfortunate situation. A basic policy could provide coverage for buildings and storage facility, workers compensation, liquor liability insurance, loss of business income, and theft or employee dishonesty.

Bucci Insurance Group will shop the top carriers in the country to find restaurant insurance that will work well with your business. Don’t chance your business for another day – contact us today or fill out the online form to receive a free insurance quote.